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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

excerpt from my book The screw that refused to tighten by Jason L. Brown part 3 , part 4 coming next month

So I sat back listening to the familiar sounds around me . The drone of people talking , laughing and gambling . It was louder than usual , loud enough to push any thoughts from my head and put me into a lazy trance . If it wasn't for the occasional clank of a pot or argument over a game gone sour I might well have fallen asleep . I'm not sure if it was a trick my mind was playing or if really happened but at that moment the room suddenly got much quieter. I looked up to see the cause of this change and saw her just as the door swung shut behind her.The occasional dame even a beautiful one wasn't unusual in this place but this broad was clearly different. One look and I could tell she didn't belong in the same place as any of the bottom feeders there that night. Yet there she was. With the full attention of every man in the room she made her way gracefully through the lounge . If she had made any attempt to disguise her beauty it was to no  avail. She wore a little gray strapless blouse that curved gently over her bosom and was edged in black across the top with a slight split in the middle that folded down to form a collar. It clung tightly to her waist with a flare at the bottom that accentuated her well formed hips. Her skirt also gray followed her shapely thighs so closely you'd see every flaw , if there were any . It  came to a stop just bellow her knees. It had a split that went halfway up the back that was filled in with a flourish of black lace. The lace poofed out the back when she stood and teased every man in eye shot when she walked . Bellow that was what drew most of the men's attention. She had on a pair of red patten leather high heal shoes . Both the shapely heals and the point of the toes were black and both bordered in little crystals. All this just served to draw attention to her perfect calves. Over all of this she wore a black velvet capelet with silver glittered polka dots and a black fur lined collar.Her hair was scarlet red and done in the fashion of most women these days only slightly longer , curls falling just above her shoulders . She covered her hair with a black topper embellished by a wide gray silk band and black lace that fell over her face. As she walked every head in the place turned to watch her pass. She was about half way across the room before I realized she was here for me. She approached the counter coming to a stop in front of me. After a moment of silence she asked. "Well aren't you going to offer a lady a seat?" Her voice was calm and soft as velvet it could charm the wild out of a pack of wolves. Coming to my senses I pulled out her chair . "Do I know you?" I asked . "No I don't believe we have met before now , my name is Viola Hamilton . Your neighbor Mr.Grambo told me this was where I'd be most likely to find you." she stated . "I apologize for coming so late, I had hoped to find you at your office but I had some research funding to help secure , which explains why I'm so over dressed. Science is a mans profession so it benefits any woman with ambition to dress in a way that pleases the men she works with." she explained. "If you were seeking to impress then id say you did your job well."I assured her. "So what was it that caused you to risk coming here tonight rather than waiting until morning?" "It's my sister, she's missing and I need your help to find her."

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