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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

excerpt from my book The screw that refused to tighten by Jason L. Brown part 4 , part 5 coming next week

  Chapter Two : The Man With One Ear Outside the night had cooled down considerably a nice breeze had blown in off the river erasing the weight of the day.The streets where still empty with nothing about but the occasional rodent, that is except for the tall thin man using a [payphone across the street from a small beat up but very busy bar in a run down part of town. Though alone the man was visibly worried about being seen and his caution gave away that his reasons for being about where less than honest.He wore a dark coat and a large brimmed hat which he tilted down so as to shade his face. Once placing the call he stepped from the light stretching the phone cord to its max in order to hide in the shadows once more. Meanwhile the phone rang once......Twice......He kept a cool gray eye on the bar across the street.....Three times it rang......He jerked to attention as someone stumbled from the bar and lost the contents of his stomach in the street. It wasn't who he hoped......Then on the fourth ring he heard a click followed by man saying"Morgan's import export how can I help you?" "Its me let me talk to the boss." The tall man said. "He's about to leave , the boats almost here."Came the response. 'Well hurry up and get him then he's expecting my report, now go!"Barked the tall man. Running off like a dog that had just been scolded by an abusive owner, the little man just barely caught up with his boss as he was headed for the door. "Boss hold up." " What is it? You know I cant afford any disruptions right now. I've got our visitor to prepare for ." " It's Jimmy ,he's insisting on talking to you." Exasperated the boss(also known as "The Chin" because he was reported to have a chin that could break any mans fist)strode over to the phone and asked."What did you learn ? why do they want her so badly?" "Still can't figure boss . I followed her from some fancy dinner meeting to a private dicks office. He wasn't there so she left and came to some old bar named Mac Kenny's .She's up to something but I cant see as to what . I think she's meeting that p.i. He goes by the name George Jones." Just then someone yelled across the room "Eh boss I can see the boat I think he's here." " Look I don't have time to do your thinking for you , our guest is arriving now . I like what he is paying us but I don't trust him . so watch the girl and find out what they want from her and if she is meeting this shamus watch him also!" Slamming down the phone the chin ran out the door bringing all his men with him to greet his guest. Putting the phone back where it belonged the tall man adjusted his hat crossed the street and entered the bar. Back at the docks the chin and his small group of thugs filed into place right as the boat was pulling up. It was a small freighter , big enough for a transatlantic voyage but to small for any real comfort. It bumped into the dock making a screeching sound that would make anyone cringe . Three men threw down some rope so the boat could be tied in place. Meanwhile two more men lowered a gang plank and secured it in place. After that there was nothing . Just two groups, one on the boat one on the dock standing staring each other waiting for someone to make the first move. The chin stood there growing more and more impatient , an internal battle raging between his pride which hated being made to wait and his fear of the man he was waiting for . His fear was winning for now but his pride was quickly gaining ground. Just then a door opened on the far side of the freighter. Out stepped a short stocky man with the build of a bull dog. He had more than enough muscle to make up for his height and the presence of a man twice his height. He promptly strode across the boat to the ramp where he stopped abruptly and announced. " He will see you now." "It's about freakin time." the chin said his pride finally winning out.

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